DIGITal printing studio

In this year, the MONA PLUS Ltd. Company has extended its offer of printing services. For printing, there is used the newest technology of digital press, which has the distinction of high quality and low price; rate of printing: 170 pages of A3, A4 per minute. Now there is no problem to satisfy even a demanding customer to dispatch the goods within 24 – 48 hours, counting from placing the order.


CALENDARS  - we offer manufacturing of graphical design for calendars - by our own source, too, Photographs
- Imprinting of self-sealing labels – A4 – imprinting by a digital technology
- Imprinting of tear-off scratch pads – in formats of A4, A5 and 100x90mm
- Imprinting of desktop pads – in the format of A3, printing in colours: black, blue, red, green and in combinations of colours



- business cards
- Paper labels
- lHandouts and flyers, prospectuses, price lists, certificates of guarantee
- Headed notepapers
- Instructions of use
- Imprinting of envelopes and firm printed matters
- Sewing of sheets of paper, folding of paper
- 9 types of folding of paper
- inserting to envelopes
- printing jobs – printed matters -textile tie-on labels, posters, calendars made from provided photographs, firm printed matters

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