(Thermal Transfer Printing – TTR) is probably the best method to create the high quality print. It has some priorities – low buying and running expense, high printing quality, silent operating printer and its small size. This technology is suitable mainly for printing bar codes. The distance between printing points in linear array can be kept in tolerance of 0.00025 mm. For printing bar codes, when the lines are parallel to the medium movement direction, the TTR printers are the most accurate appliances. At this way of printing the edges of the lines are sharp and smoothed because while printing single points can partially overlap. For correct printer operation the relation among a print head and a medium feed roller, which is under the print head, is important. While printing the microprocessor conducts the single resistance heating of the print head in dependence on TTR strip movement and the medium through the print head.


TTR STRIPStermotlač

For thermo-transfer strips we represent the German company Leonard KURZ GmbH & Co.KG, which belongs in its category to the world top on the field of thermo-transfer printing. Strips can be delivered in the WAX, WAX-RESIN,RESIN quality and in various colour shades. Except black colour it is possible to choose from more than 39 colour shades, including gold and silver. TTR strips can be delivered in various width and package according to the customer demands.

TTR strips, stamping and coding foils do not contain dangerous stuff and heavy metals.No environment burdening stuff is generated by application to the final product. After using they do not come under the disposal of dangerous waste and they can be liquidated as the normal domestic waste.

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